Skinningrove Eurostars

by Janice Dyke & Margaret Evans

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Well here we are  waiting for our train to the big City. We are on our way to France.  When we won the first ever Online Quiz last year, beating Trimdon despite Prime Minister Tony Blair turning out to play for his own team, little did we know the adventure we were embarking on.  After the first challenge there was so much interest from around the country that a six weeks series of challenges ending with a Euro challenge with Amiens in France and Loftus in Teesside took place in the autumn of 2001.  

Now we Skinningrove Eurostars are on our way to Amiens France with Peter Carden of Trimdon digital village and Steve Thompson of Teesside University .  We are on our way to a conference organized by Becta where we will meet up with representatives from the autumn challenge to discuss ways of using the community challenge to link up communities around the world. 

We are very excited as a everything we are doing from the moment we left home will be a first for us. I (Margaret) am sharing a room with a Dyke (Janice Dyke that is!) On the train we are reflecting on all the chaos we have left behind Tommy has no mony to buy pigeon corn, I have his bank card with me and I ( Janice) have got an obstinate 3 year old that has refused to go to nursery

We will continue this write up on the next stage of the journey as we are approaching " The Smoke", time to change trains. See you on the Eurostar... 

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